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Chairman, Hokkien Kongsi, Penang

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Hokkien Kongsi, Penang, I wish to thank all the past and present Trustees for their invaluable contributions during the last 156 years.  We have been praying to the various Deities and maintaining the 5 Temples since 1856 and we hope sincerely that our future generations will continue with this tradition.

We have progressed into the Digital Era by digitizing all our documents so that they can be kept for posterity.   We have also set up our Website and our Facebook for the information of both local and foreign visitors.

We will be linking our Website to the Websites of the Big Five Hokkien Kongsi’s namely Cheah, Khoo, Lim, Tan and Yeoh and also to our 5 Temples as follows:-

Hock Hin Keong (Snake Temple), Sungei Kluang, Penang
    Deity Chor Soo Kong
    {Birthday 6th Day of the 1st Moon in the Chinese calendar}

Cheng Leong Keong, Jelutong, Penang
     Deity Por Seng Tai Tay
    {Birthday 15th Day of the 3rd Moon in the Chinese calendar}

Kim Hoe Keong/Siew Thean Keong, Jalan Dato’ Kramat, Penang
    Deity Chun Thay Phor Sat
    {Birthday 16th Day of the 3rd Moon in the Chinese calendar}

Seng Hong Beow, Jalan C. Y. Choy, Penang
    Deity Seng Hong Yah
    {Birthday 24th Day of the 7th Moon in the Chinese calendar}

Chooi Bee Keong, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, Penang
    Deity Choo Ong Yah
    {Birthday 18th Day of the 10th Moon in the Chinese calendar}

Due to the rich history, culture and heritage of these 5 Kongsi’s and 5 Temples, we would strongly recommend that they be included in the Heritage Trail for all visitors.

Khoo Kay Hock, P.K.T.


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