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Cheng Leong Keong or Tai Tay Yah in Jelutong

This temple is located off the main thoroughfare of Jelutong Road.  Tai Tay Yah Temple, or by its official name Cheng Leong Keong (Qing Loong Gong), is a Taoist temple in Jelutong managed by Hokkien Kongsi, Penang.  According to official records, the temple was established in 1886

The principal deity of this temple is Bao Sheng Dadi 保 生 大 帝, (Deity Por Seng Tai Tay) the Physician God.  As with most Chinese deities, Bao Sheng Dadi began as a human and was later deified.  It was during the Song Dynasty in China, a physician by the name of Wu Tao after having attained Enlightenment, chose to delay his passage to Nirvana.  Wu Tao chose to remain in the mortal world to help mankind deal with the diseases that afflicted them.  As a result, Chinese began to build temples and worship Bao Sheng Dadi after his Enlightenment.

The other deities in the temple are:-
Tai Sui Ye  太 岁 爷 
Na Du Gong  哪 啅 公 
Hu Ye Gong  虎 爷 公
Fu De Zheng Shen 福 德 正 神
Guan Yin Fo Zu 观 音 佛 祖 
Qing Shui Zu Shi 清 水 祖 师 
Da Er Ye Be 大 二 爷 伯 
Shen Nong Da Di 神 农 大 帝 
San Shi Liu Tian Jiang 三 十 六 天 将 

Cheng Leong Keong or Tai Tay Yah
670-A, Jelutong Road, 11600 Penang

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